Configuring Idler Stock Locations

The Idler stock locations functionality was developed to provide more information to crews changing out idler faults that have been logged in PDS. The stock location is shown on the idler dashboard, on the Work Management - Idler Report and on the idler fault screen. It should be noted that this development is only useful when the idler part number configuration has been or is being completed. 

Add Stock locations In Asset Admin


Go to the hamburger menu Hamburger.jpg and click on the Gear Gear Icon.jpg icon for Asset Wear Inspect. Under Asset, select Idlers/Rollers, then select Stock Location. Click on the Plus_small.jpg button to make an new entry and select from the drop down menus. Only one entry per part number is allowed for an area. If there is more than one location, on an overlander for example, they can be combined together in the Stock Location field, or added to Additional Information.


Once the stock location configuration has been done for a conveyor, the stock location will be automatically assigned via the Idlers/Rollers (Mapping) configuration when that part number is used on that conveyor. 

The stock location for a fault can be seen on the Idler dashboard, on the Idler Fault screen, and in the Picking List of the Work Management - Idler report as shown below.



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