Removing an Asset

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove an asset rather that replace it. An example would be replacing two shorter belt sections with one longer one. One section can be done using the Replace function, but the other has to be removed. 

To remove an asset, tap on the asset to select it, then on Asset in the Quick Actions panel.

Removing Asset_1.jpg


From the Asset panel tap on the View/Edit button, which will bring up the details of the asset.

Removing Asset_2.jpg

On the View/Edit Asset screen, tap on the Removal Date field. 

Removing Asset_3.jpg

Tapping on the Removal Date field will open a Remove pop-up. It will default to todays date, or you can use the date picker to select a date. Enter Actual Shut, Reason for Replacement and Comments as required. Click on the tick to save the record. The asset will now be removed locally. Sync the device to remove the asset in the database. 

Removing Asset_4.jpg

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