Getting Access

What level of access do I need?

When a PDS user account is created, the user is given a “role” which determines their level of access to specific PDS software products.

There are four user roles available: Read-Only User, Standard User, Power User and Business Administrator. There are also three additional roles that can be added to one of the previous roles: Task Administrator, Complex Mapping User and Accounts Administrator.

  • Read-Only Users have restricted use of the PDS software. They can access the reports that are generated within specific PDS products but cannot enter or change data.
  • Standard Users have access to the required PDS products and reports but cannot access any of the associated administration menus.
  • Power Users have limited administrative access to the required PDS products and reports as well as administration functions associated with adding/editing assets.
  • Business Administrators have the same level of access to the required PDS products and reports as well as being able to update the functional hierarchy and business administrative functions in PDS.
  • Task Administrators have the ability to add/modify and delete task information for Planned Inspections. 
  • Complex Mapping Users can import DXF layouts in Complex.
  • Accounts Administrators can manage PDS accounts for the business. This feature only available to Business Administrators.

See the attachment for more detailed information.

Which role is for me? The applicable user role for a user should be determined and approved by an authorised business representative.

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