Using the Complex History Feature

Navigate to Complex.

Change from the default Liner Type in the toolbar to History.


On the right hand side a History panel will now be displayed. The history feature covers Replacements, Versions, Layouts and Wear. The default setting is to include All. It can be changed by clicking on it and selecting one of the options in the drop down, which will filter out the others.


History options –
Replacements – will display the Replacements on the layout that occurred on that date
Versions – displays a change in the layout where a version was created to capture the change, utilizing a date range and comments and photo’s if required.
Layouts -displays a change to the actual layout, where a new/edited DXF layout was uploaded
Wear – displays which liners had a wear result added within a 7 day period grouped together.

There are a couple of options to view the data.
• The Previous/Next buttons will move to the dates where one of the actions occurred and display the actions on the Liners in the layout, as well as the date they occurred.
• The Date Picker can also be utilised. By selecting a date in the past, a user can then use the Previous/Next buttons to move to the actions closest to the selected date.
• The table below displays all of the actions and clicking on these will also highlight the liners on the layout.


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