(GET) Belt Joints API


Supplies data relating to the belt joins registered in the system. 

This API is limited to results recorded in the last 6 months only.



Note: There are two non-production environments that can be used for testing.






No header is required for this API Endpoint.


Mandatory parameters are denoted by *


api_key: string(50) This is required for authentication. It is used to identify the user and determine access to the system. If you do not have your API key please contact PDS Support (support@pdsglobal.com).


lastSynced: DateTime Used to retrieve only the records which have wear tests changed since the last call to the endpoint. On first call of the endpoint leave blank - this will return all records. Store the timestamp after every call and pass it in the lastSynced parameter to retrieve only records which have changed since that time.

The format is yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.sss (e.g. 2021-01-01 01:23:00.000).

Note that if both rowVersion and lastSynced are populated, rowVersion will take precedence. For some endpoints the lastSynced value is limited to 6 months.

businessName: string(50) The name of the business as recorded in the hierarchy. Can be obtained from the hierarchy or the Area Details API.

page: integer Large datasets are broken down into pages with 2000 records per page. Use the page parameter to specify which page of the paged dataset to retrieve. Note that this number cannot be greater than the lastPage value returned by the first call to the endpoint. 

0 is the starting page. For example if there was a total of 3517 records for the last 6 months, then page 0 will show 1 - 2000 records, and page 1 will show the remaining 1517 records.

lastPage: integer When a paged endpoint is called, it calculates the number of records it will return, then calculates the number of pages required.

This is an intensive operation which affects the performance of the endpoint. After calling the endpoint the first time the lastPage value is returned in the result. By passing that value in to the lastPage parameter on subsequent calls the service will know not to recalculate the number of pages.




No body is required for this API Endpoint.



Object: ResponseEntity<string>



List of records returned by the call.

equipmentId – int
This is the unique identifier (primary key) for the equipment.

businessName: string(50)
The name of the business as recorded in the hierarchy.

groupName: string(50)
The name of the group as recorded in the hierarchy.

departmentName: string(50)
The name of the department as recorded in the hierarchy.

areaName: string(50)
The name of the area as recorded in the hierarchy.

areaType: string(50)
Defines the general equipment type for the area, such as Transfer Chute or Screens. This is configured in the Area Types dialog.

hash: integer

Sometimes referred to as SortOrder. All items of equipment have a sort order number assigned to them. It identifies them as an individual item within an area, and for some equipment it determines the sequence of the item.

equipmentType: string(50)
The type of equipment as specified in the Equipment Type dialog.

jointType: string(50)
The type of joint as specified in the Joint Types dialog.

jointId: integer

This is the unique identifier (primary key) for the joint.

serviceCompany: string(50)
The name of the company who service the joint. Free text.

installed: boolean
Indicates whether the equipment is currently installed.

installDate: DateTime
The date the equipment was installed.

installWO: string(50)

The workorder reference/number for the install. Free text.

scheduledCOutDate: DateTime

The date on which the equipment is scheduled to be changed out (replaced).

scheduledShut: string(50)

The shutdown which the equipment has been allocated to for change out.

removalDate: DateTime

The date on which the equipment was removed.

removalWo: string(50)

The Work Order number associated with the removal of the equipment.

life: integer

Indicates the number of days the equipment has been installed for (or was installed for if no longer installed)

functionalLocation: string(50)

Unique code used to identify the equipment. Free text.

comments: string(255)

Comments entered against the equipment record. Free text.

cOutComments: string(255)

Comments entered by user at change out. Free text. 

documentLink: string(255)

Link or reference to documentation. Free text.


Not used 

lastSavedBy: string(50)
Identifies the user who last updated the record (email address).

lastSavedDateTime: DateTime
Indicates the last time the record was updated.

createdBy: string(50)

Identifies the user who created the record (email address). 

createdDate: DateTime

Indicates the date and time the record was created. 

attachedFiles: string(max)

Lists the names of all files attached to this equipment record. 

lastPage: integer

Indicates the page number of the last page when a paged endpoint is called. 


Response Status Code

See HTTP Response Codes and Errors






Response Body 


"changedRecords": [


"equipmentId": 37402,

"businessName": "Mine Operations",

"groupName": "Raw Coal",

"departmentName": "Conveyors",

"areaName": "Automation Test",

"areaType": "Conveyors",

"hash": 1,

"equipmentType": "Belt Joints",

"jointType": "Splice",

"jointId": "220001",

"serviceCompany": "SC Sample",

"installed": true,

"installDate": "2021-01-22T09:06:14.000Z",

"installWo": null,

"scheduledCOutDate": null,

"scheduledShut": null,

"removalDate": null,

"removalWo": null,

"life": 269,

"functionalLocation": null,

"comments": "Sample Comment",

"cOutComments": null,

"documentLink": null,

"reference": null,

"lastSavedBy": "Test3@pdsglobal.com",

"LastSavedDate": "2021-09-29T07:42:05.670Z",

"createdBy": "Test3@pdsglobal.com",

"createdDate": "2021-09-29T07:42:05.670Z",

"attachedFiles": null

"lastPage": 0



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