(GET) Area Details

Version 1: (V1)



This URL will allow a customer to get details for all areas within the customer’s database. This will Consist of Business Name, Business Functional Location, Business ID, Group Name, Group Functional Location, Group ID, Department Name, Department Functional Location, Department ID, Area Name, Area Functional Location, Area ID.

This API Call is useful for getting system wide navigational data for other API Post Calls.



URL Parameters


(key) api_key
(value) Provided separately to this document

Headers (1)

(key)    Content-Type

(value) application/json

Response Data

HTTP Response OK (200)

HTTP Response Bad Request (400

-          Missing api_key parameter

HTTP Response Forbidden (403)

-          Invalid/Incorrect API Key

-          Non “API User” role

HTTP Response Unsupported Media Type (415)

-          Missing Content-Type header

HTTP Response Internal Server Error (500)

-          Error Connecting to PDS System.

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