(GET) Idler Failures By Business API

Get idler failure by business data

Version 2: (V2)




This URL will allow a customer to request idler failures by business information from PDS.

NB: To limit the amount of data that is returned, two restrictions have been put in place. One is that if a lastSynced value is entered that is older than 6 months, lastSynced will be updated to the DateTime of 6 months ago.



URL Parameters


(key)      api_key

(value)   Provided separately to this document



(key)      businessName

(value)   Should already be known as per the PDS hierarchy



(key)      businessFunctionalLocation

(value)   Should already be known as per the PDS hierarchy

Response Data

HTTP Response OK (200)

HTTP Response Bad Request (400)

-          Missing API Key

-          Invalid/Incorrect businessName, or businessFunctionalLocation value

HTTP Response Forbidden (403)

-          Invalid/Incorrect API Key

-          Non “API User” role.


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